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I started my life’s work as a Singer/Songwriter successfully touring the World and releasing music independently under both my birth name ‘Shannon Saunders’ and in more recent years using my alias ‘iiola’.


Since the very first memory I can recall,  I have always been drawn to sound.

When I was younger I'd often use my voice to hum and sing myself to sleep. As an adult now and having invested a lot of time in therapy and self-reflection I have since discovered this was a tool I naturally used to help self-soothe my nervous system. If Sound Healing had been more accessible within popular culture back then, I would've been able to start my healing process much sooner as it was only through an extensive amount of soul searching and therapy I actually discovered Sound Healing. By throwing myself into studying and attending various workshops I also experienced my own profound healing through Sound. This experience came from using the voice as a healing modality and was a real awakening for me. So much shifted for me after this experience and I promised myself to never underestimate the power of the voice ever again and I can honestly say I haven't sung the same since. 


I truly believe each of us have all of the tools within ourselves to self-heal. We just have to prioritise setting time aside for ourselves to access our inner knowing. It is getting harder to stay connected to ourselves in a world that is constantly bombarding us with information. Time can often slip away from us and it becomes so easy to end up working ourselves into the ground when we don't prioritise our self-care. This is why I've created Vadoma, a safe space to retreat to when things get a little too much. A place that encourages you to take time for yourself, to incorporate nurturing rituals that enable your nervous system to recalibrate through the incredible power's of sound.


I'm so grateful to be sharing my gifts and love of music in this way. It is the most rewarding and soul-fulfilling work I've ever done and I'm just so happy to have you on this journey with me. I hope you if anything you find a place of peace through practising these 'Vadoma Sound Ceremonies' continuing to pour into the world the love you pour into yourself by being here.


If you're curious I invite you to join an online Sound Ceremony of mine via Zoom to experience one of my 50 minute sound journey's from the comfort of your own home. If you can't make it live you can always use the replay in your own time to explore your inner calm through intentional therapeutic sound. If you feel ready to jump in don't hesitate to join us at an In-Person event. I look forward to holding space for you in Vadoma.



With Love,


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